Self Employed

Freelancer, independent contractor, consultant, sole proprietor or self-employed - whatever the label - it means one thing: you are out there on your own, without the umbilical cord of a steady pay cheque.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is observing over time the creation and evolution of a new business. And one of the highest compliments we can be paid, is that we’ve played a part in its success. Many of our clients have launched new businesses straight out of school. Some have dreamed about it for ages and finally took the plunge. Others landed there unceremoniously, after the forceful push of a termination. We are continually impressed and inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of our clients.

We provide professional advice and services relating to:

  • business plans;
  • registrations;
  • incorporation;
  • GST & PST;
  • deductible expenses;
  • effective record keeping;
  • employees and payroll;
  • compensation strategies;
  • tax return preparation;

We favour pragmatic solutions that minimize the administrative burden, and allow you to focus on what’s important. One of our innovations is a simple bookkeeping template in Google Docs that we can share, and you can access from anywhere (ask us for a link).

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