Our Services

Our practice provides professional tax, accounting and advisory services to individuals and businesses:

Personal Tax

The preparation of tax returns is becoming more and more complex by the constant expansion and amendment of the tax rules. We handle the full range of tax compliance obligations, including such specialty areas as US federal & state returns, Quebec tax returns, non-resident returns, snowbird tax filings, and deceased taxpayer returns. For help in organizing your personal tax information, visit the Download section for the current version of our personal tax checklist.
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Estates & Trusts

We assist executors and trustees with the accounting and tax requirements of estates and trusts, including the preparation of tax returns, special elections, and clearance certificates. We also provide a reasonably priced court-form accounting service for those estates that require a formal passing of accounts.
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Retirement & Estate Planning

For individuals planning their retirement, we prepare financial projections and provide objective and independent advice on financial matters. For individuals making their wills and planning their estates, we advise on plans and techniques for minimizing taxes and other related matters such as family trusts and charitable planned giving.

Investment Funds

We specialize in providing tax consulting and reporting services to small and medium-sized investment funds, including limited partnerships, labour funds, mutual fund trusts, mutual fund corporations and closed-end unit trusts.
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Self Employed

We advise small business owners and the self-employed on initial structuring and tax planning considerations during the start-up or acquisition phase; we prepare business plans and perform due diligence investigations; we handle the full range of ongoing financial and tax reporting obligations. We particularly specialize in serving the needs of knowledge-based small businesses and independent contractors.
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International Tax

We provide tax-related compliance and planning services in connection with employment transfers to and from Canada, immigration and emigration, holding foreign investments and US estate tax.
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We provide tax compliance and planning services for investors; we advise on matters involving income splitting, family trusts, holding companies, and tax shelters.

Employer & Employee Consulting

We advise on a wide range of matters pertaining to employment, including employment contracts, taxable benefits, stock options and other incentive compensation plans, relocations, and transfers to and from Canada. We also provide financial seminars and counselling for continuing and exiting employees in the public and private sectors.

Corporate Tax Services

We provide a complete tax planning and compliance service to corporations on a contract basis. We function, in essence, as an outsourced tax department. We have specialized experience in serving the Canadian subsidiaries of non-Canadian parent companies.

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