Estates and Trusts

Estates and testamentary trusts

If you have suddenly become the executor of an estate, we can help guide you through the maize of tax reporting obligations. We can answer questions like:

  • what are the filing deadlines?
  • do I need to file an estate tax return?
  • where does this income get reported?
  • when can I safely make distributions?
  • is a clearance certificate necessary?
  • how much should I hold back to cover taxes?

We appreciate the special burden placed on an executor, especially in the context of a family estate. We can relieve you of a good part of that burden, by giving you the confidence that the tax aspects are being handled properly.

Family trusts

We are specialists in structuring trusts for a variety of tax and estate planning objectives, including:

  • income splitting;
  • multiplication of the small business capital gains exemption;
  • education savings;
  • Henson trusts.

We can also take care of the ongoing tax reporting requirements.

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